Light Series HT
the best broadband line for your aesthetic business

light series

Introducing the Light Series HT

Available in two models: Light SP and Light Compact SP (Portable)

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Light Series HT - Main Features

Clinical applications

  • Skin rejuvination and thigthening
  • Full photoface treatment
  • Hair removal
  • Acne Vulgaris and scars
  • Skin lifting, firming, tighthening, peeling and smoothness
  • Hypetrichosis
  • Unwanted hairs
  • Cafe au lait
  • Melasma
  • Nevus of Becket

Technical Specifications

SOURCE Broadband Pulsed Light
HANDPIECE SPECTRUM OF EMISSION 400 - 1100 nm 550 - 1200 nm 590 - 1200 nm 625 - 1200 nm
TREATED AREA Large: 13 x 48 mm2 STANDARD Small: 13 x 25 mm2 OPTIONAL
PULSE WIDTH up to 140 msec
FLUENCE LIGHT SHINE SP Large: up to 35 J/cm2 Small: up to 50 J/cm2 LIGHT SHINE COMPACT SP Large: up to 30 J/cm2 Small: up to 50 J/cm2
INTERFACE LCD Colour touch screen
FEATURES Wheels optional for Light Shine Compact SP Database included Software manager (optional) Interchangeable waveguides (optional)

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