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Introducing Q-Shine HT Series


  • Pathological pigmented skin lesions removal
  • Age spots, freckle, birthmark, nevus of Ota, melasma removal
  • Tattoo removal: Q-Shine HT series removes black, blue, brown, and all colorful (such as red, yellow, green) tattoo on every part of the body
  • Effectively removal of all kinds of embroider eyebrow, soak lip, eye line, and lip line
  • The device provides an excellent application for the majority of skin rejuvenation problems


Q-Shine HT series uses the power and efficiency of the ND: YAG, Alexandrite and 532nm laser, in order to permeats the dermis and be effective on pigemented masses. The nanosecond mode and the very high energy delivered make the pigmented masses swell quickly and break into micro fragments, which will be removed through metabolism due to the action of the macrophages cells. The pigments will become gradually lighter and finally disappear.


  • With dual-wavelengths, the final output power is software assisted and tested.
  • This technology allows to deliver the laser beam with uniformed intensity and in this way avoiding to deliver unwanted light density.
  • Perfect cooling system: closed-off water circulation and air cooling, grant good performances for long time treatments
  • Easy to use. Equipped with 7-joints light conducting arm, with energy and density automatically controlled.
  • The system design grants long laser’s lifespan with less maintenance costs and better performance.



Introducing Q-Shine Alex HT

Q-Shine Alex HT is based on a powerful long pulse and Q-Switched laser, able to combine 3 wavelengths in the same system. The unique technology can provide 1064, 755 and 532nm which use the photo-acoustic power of the Q-Switch mode to ensure the best versatility and the best results in clinical application. The Alexandrite mode (755nm) completes the system to remove the green colors to; and this makes the system something amazing. Much more, the Q-Shine Alex HT includes different pulse durations for the different wavelengths.

The exclusive combination between different wavelenghts, different emission mode is the best system for any doctor and any clinic in the world.

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Q-Shine Alex HT Techincal Specifications


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